Bar Hopping Antigua / Bar Crawl 4 hrs

Looking for the perfect Antigua Bar? Let´s go around Antigua trying the best beverages in town (at some of the best hotspots).  One of the coolest things about Antigua are behind antique walls and rooftops with a view.  We will take you to savor a choice cocktail, cold beer, or local special drink at the best spots in town. 


What to Wear:  

Don´t forget your comfortable shoes since we will be walking in cobble stone streets and uneven sidewalks.  


 In this tour we will visit the nightlife of Antigua with some good cocktails, drinks, national beer and a few connoisseurs of words famous rum.   

The tour lasts 5:00 hours, starting at 8:00 a.m.
Price: $500.00

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